Saturday, 23 April 2016

Spec showdown: iPhone 6S Plus vs. iPhone 6 Plus

With summer in the rearview and changing leaves in the forecast, Tim Cook and company once again graced an auditorium stage in Cupertino to preview all the latest and greatest gadgets Apple has worked tirelessly at perfecting. Among announcements touting new band colors for its prized Apple Watch, an impressive overhaul of its Apple TV, and a brand new iPad, Apple also (unsurprisingly) shared all the new details about the S lineup of its flagship iPhone 6.

Leading up to the September 9th event, smartphone fans knew Apple had some sort of news up its sleeve regarding the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, but until the veil officially lifted, it wasn’t clear exactly what the updates would be. With the dust finally settled concerning the showing, we now know exactly what makes the 6S and 6S Plus the true next step for Apple and its smartphone technology. To get an idea of just what sets the 6S Plus apart from its predecessor, we’ve decided to pit the two against each other in a spec comparison. May the best phone win (spoiler alert: they aren’t that different).
Apple Iphone 6

Apple’s design for the iPhone 6 Plus was beautiful simplicity, wrapping rounded edges into glass in an unassuming style typical of past iPhones. Apple decided not to fix what wasn’t broken, bringing back a nearly identical style for the 6S Plus. However, it did improve the phone’s enclosure, borrowing a page out of the aerospace industry’s book and wrapping it in an alloy of 7000 Series aluminum. In other words, this is the strongest and most durable iPhone yet.

Aside from the dimensions of the 6S Plus registering one-hundredth of an inch bigger in height, width, and thickness, these two phones are mirror images of each other. Back is the same 5.5-inch screen with the same gorgeous 1920 x 1080 screen resolution owners of the 6 Plus came to know and love. Where the iPhone 6S Plus does diverge a bit from the 6 Plus is its available colors. While the 6 Plus comes in just Space Gray, Silver, and Gold (the Gold has been discontinued), the 6S Plus comes in Space Gray, Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold, giving buyers an even greater opportunity to customize their new smartphone.

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